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In the summer of 2011, the JWU Library Guidelines for Excellence in Teaching were created. Some initiatives came about during that process:

  • Create a document which has six key elements of effective library instruction that can be used as a practical guideline for current and future library instructors.
  • Define an area within ScholarsArchive@JWU which would hold documentation for JWU Library Guidelines for Excellence in Teaching
  • Work towards a physical meeting of instruction librarians from all campuses

Each of these initiatives were met and the documentation is provided here. Ariela McCaffrey created the document “Six key elements of effective library instruction.” Instruction librarians will share information using External Shared Folders instead of Scholar’s Archive since all of the Campuses do not have access. And we (Lori Micho, Nicole Covone, Ariela McCaffrey, Joe Eshleman) met during the summer of 2012 and created a document that reviews that meeting and some further initiatives moving forward.


This initial document details some ideas and thoughts related to the development of librarians who instruct at the four Johnson & Wales University campuses. A group of five librarians at the four campuses developed the document; Amanda Samland, Ariela McCaffrey, Nicole Covone, Lisa Spicola, and Joe Eshleman, Seven aspects of library instruction are addressed as well as ideas for the application of the guidelines. Finally, next steps towards application of the guidelines are listed.

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