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While my "regular" job for the past twelve years has been serving as a director of
library services for Johnson & Wales University, I have also been teaching for the past four years for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Masters in Library & Information Studies program and simultaneously assisting with Johnson & Wales' faculty development committee. So, the project/concept I'd like to share here is an outgrowth of a variety of interests and activities.


Harvard University sponsors a multitude of leadership institutes and activities targeting many different university administrative roles. One of these institutes which they co-sponsor with the Association of College and Research libraries and I had the opportunity to attend in its 2003 iteration is a week-long camp which focuses on the use of case studies. Aside from the canned case studies provided to participants all members of that year's group are required to bring with them a summary of a case they have been involved in. They are also instructed to read the book Reframing Organizations by Bolman and Deal. The larger group is then broken into smaller teams with the goal of analyzing each other's case based on the concepts in the Bolman and Deal text. I believe the model used with this group of administrators can also be applied to graduate students and that this model significantly enhances the quality of the students' learning experiences and fosters critical thinking skills.

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