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The purpose of this paper is to define and explore the trends of digital marketing in event management. As confirmed by Hensel and Deis (2010), digital and social media must be employed in a way that will ultimately improve that will improve marketing efficiency (as cited in Cole, DeNardin & Clow, 2017). Research by Cesaroni and Consoli (2015) further established that it is important how small businesses in particular social media -as many event management firms are utilizing digital and social media in such a way that they take full advantage of every feature and tool that are available and accessible to expand both productivity and profitability (As cited in Cole, DeNardin & Clow, 2017, p. 205). As the Internet continues to dominate other means of advertising so, too, does digital media represent one of the best ways for event management professionals and firms to reach the largest number of potential clients. In addition to the opportunity that digital media represents for event management professionals and firms, the “integration of people [with] the rapid development of social media” also presents a significant opportunity for the event management industry to efficiently market itself to a diverse audience” (Harb, Fowler, Chang, Blum, & Alakaleek, 2019, p. 29).



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