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A Research Proposal for Business Information and Decision Making RSCH 5500. Professor Martin W. Sivula Ph.D.


The hospitality industry has changed the way the traveler makes a decision to stay in a hotel. Travelers use the social media and electronic word of mouth (eWOM) to search and evaluate different places. Traveler reviews and ratings have had an influence on the decisions of prospective new guests. TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site for travelers. TripAdvisor displays the Top 25 hotels in the United States based on traveler reviews. This research proposal is to identify the relationship between travelers’ ratings and the top hotels. The purpose of this study is to provide hospitality management an opportunity to understand which attributes hotels might possess to be considered a top hotel for travelers. The theoretical framework presents an overview based upon the hospitality industry. The study is realized by 22,993 reviews of top hotels based on the TripAdvisor website. The research proposes the quantitative method using traveler ratings overall, and variables such as room, services, quality sleep, location and cleanliness for all top hotel winners. The analysis uses a Likert-type scale. The results will be displayed by percent and averages for overall ratings, and the ratings on the six attributes for hotels. The study will employ a standard alpha α = .05 for testing the hypothesis and to acquire statistical validation. The research proposal provides methods for managers to improve processes, procedures, and skills to become a top hotel based upon travelers’ ratings.

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