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Paper presented at the 45th annual meeting of the Northeastern Educational Research Association, Trumbull, CT, October 23, 2014


Academic motivation and self-efficacy (Bandura 1977, 1986, 1993, 1997) are fast becoming critical areas of literacy instruction and determining factors of overall reading achievement and life-long application (Applegate & Applegate, 2010; Marinak & Gambrell, 2008; McClure, 2008; Melnick, Henk, & Marinak, 2009). This concurrent mixed methods study examined the relationship of reading motivation and self-efficacy with respect to reading achievement for N=487 grade 5-8 suburban middle school level students. All participants completed the Motivation for Reading Questionnaire (MRQ), the Reader Self Perception Scale 2 (RSPS2), and the AIMSWeb curriculum-based measurement instrument. In addition, N=4 content expert interviews were conducted. Quantitative and qualitative findings indicated that the construct of reading self-efficacy Observation (Henk & Melnick, 1995), was the most important predictor of reading achievement (p<.001). Implications for further research are included.

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