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Paper presented at the annual meeting of the New England Educational Research Organization, April, 2010, New Bedford, MA. Accompanying presentation is included.


This study utilized the body of knowledge that exists on emergent workforce development issues, the characteristics of the Millennial generation as they relate to the increasingly high drop-outs rates and the globalization of the workplace, the need for 21st Century Skills to be incorporated into the K-12 curriculum, and an authentic professional development experience for teachers, the educator externship.

The Educator Externship experience is a statistically viable method of authentic professional development to help teachers provide the educational experience that their students, the Millennial generation, are demanding.

The data from this study statistically showed that the Educator Externship Experience as a professional development opportunity did allow the teachers to gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of the 21st Century Skills their students will need in order to succeed in school, careers and life.

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Gibson, L. R., & Gray, G. G. (2010, April). Knowledge and understanding of the 21st century skills through educator externships: Programs in southern new england. Paper presented at 2010 NEERO Annual Meeting, New Bedford, MA.

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