Brenna Stephens, Tim Sulaiman, Anna Newfell, Hannah Habtemicheal

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Experiencing violence in childhood is an all too common occurrence, especially in sexual and gender minority communities. It can be hard to dictate predictors of these such occurrences, which is the focus of our study. A survey regarding many different experiences members of these communities can have was taken by 1316 people via Reddit. Out of these participants, 309 reported experiencing some form of violence in their childhood. Among the demographic information taken for the survey, none had a significant correlation besides education. Although this factor did have statistical significance, there is no logical explanation as education can be continued after childhood, therefore it isn’t necessarily classified as a predictor. There was a larger amount of reported violence in childhood among gender minorities than sexual minorities, however. This increase can be due to many factors, the main one potentially being the difference in how a person may present their sexuality versus how they may present their gender. These findings help begin the start of the research towards why these violent experiences can be common among these communities and preventative measures that can be taken to put an end to it.

Faculty Mentor

Jonathan Mosko, PhD, MSEd

Academic Discipline

BS - Psychology



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