Melody Huang, Hanna Devlin, Hannah Bernard, Hannah Leuvelink, Jaden Dimeo, Grace Kim, Spencer Mah

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In correspondence to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) movement became prominent in the late 1960s. With the progression of DEI, specifically in the hospitality industry, The Loews Hotel Co. partnered with Johnson & Wales University to discuss, research, and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at Loews. Over 16 weeks, eight students from Johnson & Wales were nominated to work on the project and conduct research to help improve the quality of Loews Hotels & Co.’s DEI practices. The project discusses three important research questions regarding DEI in the workplace. The first question emphasizes the successes and pitfalls presented within leadership development programs to build upon the production of comfortable inclusive work environments. Due to the many challenges new supervisors face when transitioning into leadership roles, question two untangles the needs and support offered by companies in the form of mentorships and training programs. The final question discusses how to support mentors and organizations to set them up for success and create a culture of inclusion and belonging. During this research, we primarily used scholarly sources including the Harvard Business Review, The McKinsey Report, and Brand ESG Reports. One finding for Loews Hotels was creating a leadership development program to create a more inclusive environment for all. These programs can reach and help a wide variety of employees at Loews. Another finding was to develop mentorship programs, which would help new employees by pairing them with seasoned employees to guide them through their transition. The final finding was to create a survey before, during, and after changes in the company. It is important for a company to understand the climate of the company and how its employees are reacting to the change.

Faculty Mentor

Dale Silva, MBA

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BS - Hospitality Management, BS - Hotel and Resort Management



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