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Students were prompted to create an eight-page magazine for a fictional publication. The final product needed to contain a front cover, article and interview spreads, a creative piece, and a JWU advertisement on the back cover. This project focuses on the design of a 1980s nostalgia magazine focused on music, pop culture, and technology. Heavy inspiration was taken from editorial designs of the 1980s, which included flashy colors, angular lockups and details, and clean, timeless typefaces. The target audiences included adults who lived through the decade, as well as retro-lovers. Extensive research went into constructing the copy for both the article and interview by looking through countless writings, videos, and ‘80s content to add authenticity to the spreads. Additionally, image development was important in the creation of this magazine. The cover and main interview images were both created with layouts of vinyl records taken from a personal collection. The main article image was developed with original photographs of ‘80s objects, arranged and filtered to produce a vintage, multicolor-washed effect. The creative piece image consisted of one large clipping mask of multiple smaller images. Anterior Magazine was born. The cover contained multicolored boxes of headlines with varying fonts and font weights. The article was about six popular ‘80s objects, designed in a newspaper format with a pink and orange Memphis-style pattern for the background. For the interview spread, a fictitious interview was created with the new wave band Duran Duran. The vibrant color palette, classic typefaces, and high-contrast images made for an exciting editorial design. The creative piece was on the 1983 film Scarface, containing a large face collage with a multi-typeface quote, all inspired by the movie poster's style. The JWU ad was a simple, straightforward design that gave a break from the magazine's high energy.

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Gail McCarthy, MBA

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BS - Graphic Design

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Engineering Commons



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