Abigail Medeiros, Jonah McGowan

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This project focuses on the design of a prototype, with the objective to create an assistive and augmentative game-based physical therapy device. This prototype was designed to aid in the physical therapy process by providing a specialized mode of assessment for clients with conditions that impact range of motion in the shoulder, such as a rotator cuff injury, traumatic brain injury, or a stroke. The device incorporates touch capacity textiles, washable microprocessors, and conductive thread to accurately assess range-of-motion through lateral shoulder abduction and other upper extremity movements that are severely diminished with these injuries. Angle measurements were calculated for height and wingspan to ensure that each individual’s body fits with the device. The device enhances rehabilitative care by providing a quick and easy assessment that ensures the inclination of recovery for patients suffering from these injuries as well. To engage patients and encourage their involvement in the rehabilitation process, the device contains a game-based element, which uses LED lights connected to touch capacity fabric buttons. This device provides an affordable and efficient way to aid in the start of treatment for clients with conditions that impact shoulder range of motion.

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Nicole Urban, PhD

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BS Biology, BS - Product Design

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Biology Commons



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