Juliane Bravo Perez, Devon Gravel

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Nutrient resorption, a nutrient conservation mechanism used by deciduous plants, was investigated in Iva frutescens, a woody salt marsh perennial. To address the impact of nutrient resorption on the fitness and growth in the model organism, a field and laboratory study was undertaken. During the Fall of 2022, seed material and growth measurements were collected from ten replicate Iva frutescens plants at four salt marsh habitats along the coast of Narragansett Bay, RI. Collected seed material was dried to constant mass, manually sorted to purify seed sample, and weighed. In addition, a subsample of 100 seeds from five individuals from each sample site were counted and weighed to determine whether significant seed mass variation existed among individuals, or habitats. In this ongoing project, seed samples from the Fall of 2022 are continuing to be processed. Seed production and vegetative growth in Iva frutescens are currently being analyzed in preparation for the comparative work planned for Fall of 2023. These data, and future comparative analyses, will significantly add to the literature on nutrient resorption and its impacts on Iva frutescens fitness and growth, and that of plant nutrient conservation, at large.

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Ryan Tainsh, EdD

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BS - Biology

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Biology Commons



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