Lizzie Broder

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In the Chef-Driven Contemporary Casual Concepts lab, culinary students were divided into teams to create a restaurant concept. This team of four chose developed The Hottenany, a concept and menu that best represented Lincoln, Nebraska. Students met weekly and to outline the project and delegate tasks. After developing the concept for their menu and logos, the team collaborated with graphic design students. Working as an interdisciplinary team resulted in a richer experience. It provided the opportunity for culinary students to see how their vision was interpreted in design, reinforcing the need for focus and clarity on the concept. It also necessitated a willingness to see the concept from another person’s perspective, which helped refine the concept and menu. This project allowed students to experience real-world situations and learn the importance of communication, meeting deadlines, and planning ahead. For this team, it taught the true meaning and importance of collaboration.

Faculty Mentor

Jeremy Houghton, MBA, CHE, FMP

Academic Discipline

BS - Culinary Arts



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