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The objective of this handcrafted design project was to design and construct wearable storage, using that prompt a jacket with unlimited customization was idealized. Inspired by the ethos of Tech-wear, the jacket was built for those who always have everything they need on them, like tools, pencils, laptop, phones, snacks, books, headphones, etc. There were many key aspects that were learned in the Iteration studio that were able to be utilized in the making of the jacket, such as many iterative sketches to hone in a design, rapid prototyping to flush out any issues that arise during the building process and research to optimize ease for the user. To build this project, sewing techniques were learned and 3D printed technologies were incorporated to create different attachments. Comprehensive material research was done to find the correct properties that would be utilized in the final prototype, such as polyester, webbing, velcro, and felt. The Velcro on the front provides a convenient platform for personalization, allowing you to attach various accessories. Along with strategically placed loops along the shoulders, arms, and waist add a touch of functionality without compromising style. Crafted with high-performance materials, Cyberjack is both durable and comfortable, making it the ideal choice for urban explorers, tech enthusiasts, and adventure seekers alike. Embrace the future of outerwear with Cyberjack, where style meets innovation in every loop and fastening.

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Azelea Saba

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College of Engineering & Design

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Engineering Commons



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