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The Fall 2023 Tiefel project was a collaborative effort completed by the six Tiefel scholars who dedicated their semester to researching the challenges and opportunities in expanding diversity in hotel ownership. The question for this project was proposed by one of Johnson and Wales’ alumni, Larry Foster, a hotel industry executive. Throughout the semester, the team conducted research and interviews with industry executives and associations in order to gain insight into the complexities of hotel ownership. They attended a hospitality summit panel discussion on ownership diversity as a way to further learn about the subject matter. The combined efforts of the team resulted in a research paper prepared for publication. The project shed light on the importance of understanding the dynamics of the US hotel industry, which creates significant revenue and employment. During the team’s research, we found that despite efforts by major brands to prioritize diversity, challenges still remain. Increasing awareness of ownership opportunities and providing education resources are crucial steps. Successful ownership in diverse communities relies on awareness, knowledge sharing, and access to resources, especially equity financing, and lending partnerships. We decided that a way Johnson and Wales University can contribute to this initiative would be to create an online curriculum focused on hotel ownership. It would elevate the university's profile while educating students on ownership.

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Rex Warren, Ph.D., CHAE

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