Jasmine Hachem

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The purpose of this project was to design and propose a potential research study. The proposed study examines how epilepsy affects a person's quality of life. The information and data will be gathered from a cross-sectional survey and a literature review. The study's limitations concerning epilepsy and quality of life will also be discussed. Key aspects of the literature review include epilepsy prevalence worldwide, economic burdens, genetic influences, and mental health implications for individuals. Additionally, it discusses educational challenges and socioeconomic disparities. Critical factors, including seizure frequency, comorbidities, and syndrome types, will be examined. The results will provide real-time information regarding the quality of life within the online community affected by epilepsy. This study employs a multifaceted recruitment strategy to ensure the survey is anonymous. The study uses established tools to identify and track potential biases. Pilot testing will be conducted following a subgroup analysis to understand the study's general findings better. This study aims to give more valuable insight that will inform and further enhance care practices for individuals trying to navigate the complexity of epilepsy. This will further pave the way for future care and research strategies to help or support those who are currently living with this neurological disorder.

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Kelsey Gately, O.T.D., OTR/L

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College of Health & Wellness



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