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The predominant purpose of this paper is to determine if the hospitality industry does in fact have the highest turnover of any industry, and if so, what are the implicating factors in the lack of retention. Throughout the research conducted, a common theme that developed was the lack of training in the hospitality industry and its impact and perception employees have of their leaders, and thus its affect on retention and turnover. Moreover, another aspect to consider is the generational implications, specifically generation Y, otherwise known as millennials, who are regarded as not being loyal to their employer (Gursoy, Maier, and Chi, 2008, pg. 453). Some of the statistics uncovered were astounding: 70 percent of managers are poorly trained or untrained altogether (DiPietro and Condly, 2007, pg. 2), and turnover in the hotel industry is double the national average compared to all other industries (Malek, Klein, and DiPietro, 2018, pg. 203). Drilling down through the research shows a correlation between training, the value that training brings to the generations, and its potential affect on turnover based on the perceptions and success of the training. It stands to reason that a focus on proper training for staff and management may reduce turnover, as there is a large percentage of untrained managers. Moreover, line-level employees respond better to, and appreciate, being involved in training in addition to being led by properly trained managers as well.

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