Why Costumers are Attracted to Boutique Hotels

Tatiana Anisimova, Johnson & Wales University - Providence


In recent decades, boutique hotels have witnessed a dramatic increase in popularity. The purpose of this research paper is to analyze customers’ perceptions of the value of attractive attributes offered by boutique hotels through the detection of the specific factors that drive tourists to this special type of accommodation. Research into the underlying dimensions of attractive attributes was conducted and scholarly studies were examined through content analysis and the location of such keywords as “boutique-type hotels,” “lifestyle hotels,” and “luxury hotels.” An analysis of the perceptions of hotel guests toward the characteristics that define boutique hotels revealed four dimensions: special services, room features, convenience, and hotel design. The actual experiences of tourists revealed four slightly different dimensions: special services, hotel facilities, price, and location, and hotel design and image. Based on these findings, practical suggestions directed at novice boutique hotel owners are provided. Additionally, study findings can be utilized to help marketers gain the substantial insight necessary to promote this segment of the accommodation industry.