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The internet, and computer-based learning, has become an increasingly important feature of the learning environment for middle school students. The connection between food safety education and the school subject of Family and Consumer Sciences has opened a door for research to examine what students know, what teaching methods they learn best from, and how they can best implement their learning in practical applications in the classroom and in the household.

The commonly utilized method of research was the implementation of questionnaires. The questionnaires were distributed to both students and educators, allowing for a thorough selection of subjects to achieve a well-balanced study. The questionnaires were varied in questions; however, the main focal point was food safety knowledge such as hand washing, safe cooking and holding temperatures for meats, and to determine the preferred method of teaching and learning for both students and educators.

The overwhelming conclusion was that both students and educators preferred a combination of web-based learning and in-person instruction. This allows everyone the ability to learn at their own pace, while the educators still have control of the information being shared. It was also a common factor that students were unaware of the proper food handling temperatures and all the food safety and sanitation rules. The students polled were aware of the need to wash hands appropriately before and during food handling, but it was found that it was not always adhered to.

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