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Paper presented at the 41st annual meeting of the Northeastern Educational Research Association, October 20-22, 2010, Rocky Hill, CT.


Doctoral students comprise a unique population with special needs and concerns, both academically and personally. However, minimal research has been conducted regarding the programs and services that appropriately meet their needs, ensuring their academic success. The purpose of this study is to describe doctoral student satisfaction with Ed.D. program support services, offered at a small university in southern New England. Qualitative data from the first phase of this study identified factors that impede or assist in the completion of the degree program. These findings were used to develop a quantitative instrument to determine the satisfaction and magnitude of importance from students currently enrolled in their courses, in the dissertation phase, and alumni. This third, and final phase, consists of qualitative depth personal interviews with and reflection journals of participants to clarify the findings from Phases one and two, and to develop a rich, descriptive, holistic picture of doctoral student perspectives regarding success.

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Billups, F.D., & Kite, S. L. (2010). Perceptions of doctoral students regarding factors contributing to student success. Paper presented at the Northeast Educational Research Association Annual Conference, Rocky Hill, CT.



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