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This paper was presented at the 26th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), November 9, 1996.


Science and art seem to belong to different cultures. Science and technology, mainly the products of the intellect, use terminology and vocabulary that are concise and well defined. In contrast, in artistic expression, ambiguity is a powerful component. Still the relationship between these two different categories of human activity is interesting and fascinating. In this paper, a general comparison of these two disciplines will be introduced. Then the possibility of mechanical creation of art using computers and artificial intelligence will be discussed. This will be followed by two techniques which are used to create poetry and music. First, a statistical approach for mechanical composition of music will be presented. This method uses "parameters" of existing music to create "similar" music. Second, a method of mechanical composition of poetry will be presented which combines linguistic models, a classification dictionary and semantic information.


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S. Neeman, "Arts, computers and artificial intelligence," fie, vol. 3, pp.1397-1401, 26th Annual Frontiers in Education - Vol 3 (FIE'96), 1996.



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