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Honors Thesis


Soon lab-grown meat will be on the market for everyday consumers to purchase, but will it be successful as the companies producing it are predicting? Scholarly discussions on lab-grown meat are in their beginning stages with most attention being directed toward the production process (Kowitt 2017; Mitchell 2017: Schwartz & Conley 2018). The late decade of the 2010’s saw an increasing amount of coverage and interest in lab-grown meat. As the technology continues to advance, I hypothesize thatlab-grown meat will become more readily available to consumers; however, I question whether or not consumers are ready for such a change even if it turns out to be both affordable and sustainable. This thesis analyzes results from a longitudinal study conducted from Fall 2018 until Winter 2019-2020. I surveyed a diverse spectrum of people from different origins, ages, income and education levels. These surveys would have to briefly explain what clean meat is. The surveys would then gauge respondents' opinions of clean meat is and how commonplace they believe clean meat will become in the future to answer the question of how we have changed during this short and exciting time in regards to clean meat. The majority of the results of the data from this survey is inconclusive. Many trends in the data were not able to be formed. Trends show people’s awareness of, readiness for, and eagerness for this product and industry to be decreasing in areas and increasing in other areas. To answer my question posed in the title of this thesis. I believe that I did overestimate how far awareness of, readiness for, and eagerness for this product and industry could grow. I hope that the knowledgegained from this research supports the future culinary endeavors of not just my fellow students, but culinary professionals across the globe.



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