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According to marketing guru Neil Patel, “using quizzes as a part of your marketing strategy is one of the most underrated types of content that every marketer should be trying, and we’d be lying if we didn’t tell how effective they really were” (Misenas, 2019). Are lead-generating quizzes as effective as expert marketers tout them to be? This thesis dives into a specific element of a scored lead-generating quiz, the results page, to see if positive/negative framing has an impact on the desire to socially share the results. The hypothesis is that the positive framing would correspond to a higher likelihood of social sharing than negative framing for scored lead-generating quizzes, which builds upon the research that “positive things may be shared more because they reflect positively on the self” (Berger and Milkman, 2010). Data analysis suggests that lower performance in a scored lead-generating corresponds with less of a desire to socially share the results. Despite the smaller sample size for higher performance, the data broadly suggest that positive framing results in more of a desire to socially share than negative framing, although further testing is required to confirm this.

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