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Rape culture is a relentless cycle that remains very prevalent on college campuses. Rape culture, as best defined in Transforming a Rape Culture, is a culture in which male aggression and violence towards women is essentially purely sexual and normalized (Buchwald). It refers to the way college students interact, the sexual objectifications they project onto each other, and the way it is dealt with. Scholars have done an excellent job of establishing the root causes of rape culture. Those roots are gender roles, such as toxic masculinity and the forcing of all responsibility onto females (Bay-Cheng and Eliseo- Arras; Jozkowski and Wiersma-Mosley; Mardorossian; Posadas; Schwartz and DeKeseredy); poor practices and adherence by colleges and universities of Title IX measures (Beavers and Halabi; Dick and Ziering; Jozkowski); as well as a clear cycle of sexual violence/ unwanted sexual advances in relation to rape culture (Stubbs-Richardson; Worthen and Wallace). What scholars have not done is establish why, with this plethora of information on its causes, consequences, and preventive/protective measures, rape culture is still so prevalent on college campuses. This paper will focus on answering the question on a local level in regards to Johnson & Wales University- Providence through analysis of current data and surveying of currently enrolled and recently graduated students.

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