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Honors Thesis


These days societal expectations set wedding standards very high and it is very common for couples to feel like they have to hire a wedding planner in order to ensure that their special day is the best that it can be. Many articles explain the struggles of planning weddings yourself and the details of all the services that professional wedding planners offer (Han-Chen, H., Cheng-I, H., & Yi-Syuan, H., Blakely, K., Dwyer, L., Herron, D. A., Stafford, L., & Scott, A. M., Patten Sagardia, S., Mendleson, R.). However, there is not much information specifically covering the history of wedding planners in a professional capacity and telling individuals why, unlike so long ago, wedding planners are so invaluable to the planning process. This paper analyzes the history of wedding planning as well as the job of a wedding planner and the difficulties couples may face when planning a wedding in order to answer the question of how weddings and wedding planning has changed over the years. It also addresses changes in society that have affected the industry over the years. I will conduct interviews and surveys to support and go deeper into how weddings in different time periods are not the same. I hope to be able to share my newly found knowledge of what weddings started out as, how they changed with the years and what wedding planners do, with others who may be planning a wedding in the future or with those who just wish to learn more about the industry.



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