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Honors Thesis


This thesis will provide a review of the rich history of tea, beginning with the myth of Emperor Shen Nong and concluding with the recent history of the tea industry in the United States. It will evaluate key topics with the use of historical information and statistics to allow the reader to better understand the journey of tea to the United States and its continuing impact on society. It will explain where and why tea is grown, its influence on societies, and its potential future with consumers in the United States. The main research questions of this thesis are, “What is the history and culture of tea, and its impact in 21st century society in the United States?” and “Does the consumption of tea impact cultures around the world?” The author will supplement the text of this thesis with images and drawings to reinforce some of the topics discussed. This will demonstrate the use of tea as an artistic medium, and accentuate the beauty and complexity of tea as a plant and a beverage. The art and photographs are incorporated throughout the thesis to illustrate tea from around the world, various infusion methods, and to show the versatility of tea.



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