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Johnson & Wales Jr. College of Business “Take Five”

The “Five Steps to Success” by Morris J.W. Gaebe, President

Johnson & Wales is a co-educational college with a fine geographic and economic balance in our student body of 1,000.

We are located in beautiful New England, with all the tradition and prestige. In Providence, Rhode Island, we have New England’s second largest city, but it hasn’t lost its comfortable, personalized regard for the individual.

I would suggest you consider the five following facts in evaluating this college:

  1. That Johnson & Wales Jr. College of Business really offers the courses of study that interests me most.
  2. My answer to you is that Johnson & Wales Jr. College of Business specializes in business education just as its name specifies.
  3. For 54 years, we have offered specific training in the most modern and appropriate areas of study to prepare people for success in careers in business.
  4. As of today, we have 14 specific associate degree programs in the following majors: Accounting, advertising, public relations, business administration, data processing, fashion merchandizing, finance and investment, insurance and real estate, retailing, court reporting and all secretarial areas.
  5. These programs change yearly as the business world moves ahead. You can rely on our reputation, that if it is currently appropriate, we do an outstanding job of teaching the program.

Question 1: What is it like to go to Johnson & Wales?

This is perhaps the most important question of all because one half of the people who start college don’t finish college. And most research indicates the reason for this lies in the college environment. We are proud that at Johnson & Wales Jr. College our attrition rate is only 20%.

The highlights of our college administration’s philosophy include:

Specialized study in the business field

General education and development of the whole individual

A basic skills and reading development program is a must for a good college orientation

The student body represents a complete cross section personally and academically. A special emphasis is placed on the average student. The primary ingredient for success is personal attitude.

Outstanding achievement is immediately recognized by giving advanced standing for accelerated programming.

Classes are always optimum sized for the subject being taught.

Tutorial and special study facilities are in continuous operation for all who need them.

The credit system of scheduling classes is used.

üA complete program of social activities, and student government is in operation including fraternities, sororities and many other organizations.

We have outstanding athletic programs with national reputation.

We have a young, modern, progressive faculty and staff.

Question 2: What happens when I graduate from Johnson & Wales?

Two out of every three graduates goes directly into interesting, well-paying jobs with a fine future. There is an average of 10 requests for each of our graduates and that’s huge in being the selected one. The other one third of our graduates transfer to 4-year baccalaureate programs and receive 2 to 2 ½ years of transfer credits after they leave college.

Question 3: Will I be accepted at Johnson & Wales?

Every high school graduate has a chance. The majority of our freshmen are average students with a sincere desire to attend Johnson & Wales. Their attitude and high school recommendations are primary considerations. Most of our student body has taken the college prep course in high school but ever increasing numbers of high school business and general students are enrolling. The knowledge that this college offers them great additional business and social opportunities, is stimulating these people to continue in college where in past years they might have gone directly to work.

Question 4: But can I afford to go to Johnson & Wales?

With today’s world of financial assistance, it is our job as a business oriented college to provide help for all that qualify. The programs are numerous and varied but we can help to make it all possible if you will seek our assistance.

Won’t you join us in Providence to prepare for a wonderful world of business?


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