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A research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MBA Degree course: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, MGMT 5900.


Over time, the ideals of business and society have become discordant from one another. When exactly this occurred is not as important as the effects it has had. When society began asking more from business, it voiced its concerns over companies solely existing to create profits, as well as their lack of responsibility to society. Consequently, businesses were coerced into performing acts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and philanthropy, to justify the profits they receive. However, in the pursuit of CSR, both business and society got short changed. They misconstrued the tenants of CSR. Each thought that it was the answer to their problems.

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Blundin, C. (2012). Corporate social responsibility: Fallacies and flaws. Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI.



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