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Childhood obesity has been a growing epidemic not only in the United Sates, but around the world. The aim of this study is to determine the relationship of childhood obesity to how available junk and fast food is to adolescents. Two hundred students, one hundred boys and one hundred girls, ranging in ages six to twelve years old will take part in a survey as well as physical examination. Additionally, one parent or guardian of each student will be asked to complete a survey. The surveys will determine how often and readily available junk food is to the children, the average level of exercise each child is takes part in, and any dietary or medical restrictions the child has to follow. A physical examination will further tell us any medical issues each child has and will determine the BMI of each child. The information gathered from the surveys will be compared to the information gathered from the physical examination to determine a correlation between junk and fast food and how it relates to childhood obesity. It is predicted that with an increase in junk and fast food and a decrease in physical activity, the BMI of the child will be higher. Results of this study will be used to help determine ways to modify children’s’ diets, make junk and fast food harder to obtain for children, and persuade parents and guardians to change the dietary behaviors of their children through concrete evidence.



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