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This research paper aims to examine key antecedents in consumer responses to CSR to determine a link between CSR activity and consumers’ reactions to it. In this research proposal, key words are listed and briefly described as to their impact and benefits. A set of pre-tested structured questionnaires will be administered to 320 subjects. The responses to the items of these questionnaires are measures of the constructs under consideration, namely customer perception, customer satisfaction, corporate reputation, customer choice, corporate brand/influence, customer attitude and customer purchasing behavior. Measures for the constructs used in the study will be available in the literature, and will be adapted to suit the specific context. To validate the constructs, a confirmatory factor analysis and regression analysis will be conducted. It is expected that the research will support the hypothesis that consumer buying behavior is affected by a company’s CSR activities. Part of the discussion will address the results and implications on CSR activities as well on future research.

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