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A Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the MBA Degree. MGMT 6800, Professor Boyd.


The amusement park industry represents leisure facilities that “operate mechanical rides, water rides, games, shows, themed exhibits, refreshment stands and other attractions” (Industry Overview, 2014). It encompasses 482 businesses in the United States (Industry at a Glance, 2014) and generated revenue of $15.4 billion dollars in 2013 (Industry at a Glance, 2014). The industry is currently growing, but faced a decline in attendance and revenue during the economic recession (2007-2008) (Industry at a Glance, 2014). Furthermore, it is heavily reliant on a declining demographic (children aged 10-19) (Industry Outlook, 2014). Considering these contrasting variables and outcomes, this outlook will clarify the health, outlook and potential opportunities for the amusement park industry. This analysis will be separated into 1) a Porter Five Forces Analysis, 2) PEST Analysis, 3) an overview of the external drivers in the amusement park industry (and their impact), 4) an analysis of key players/ rivals in the industry, 5) an analysis of actions to be likely taken by these rivals, 6) a presentation of key success factors for the amusement park industry, and 7) an industry outlook.

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