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Johnson & Wales University. College of Business. RSCH5500: Business Information & Decision-Making. Martin W. Sivula, Ph. D.


Unfortunately, today women are still trying to prove themselves equal to men. Women are often over looked in many industries just due to the fact of being a woman. There are many negative assumptions regarding women. Some examples are: women cannot do a job meant for a man, women cannot work late hours due to children, women are too soft and don’t represent a strong leader in a top level position. It’s hard to even think that in the 21st century the glass ceiling is continuing to block women from entering and advancing in managerial and supervisory roles. Women have been able to move into top level positions by leaving the traditional agencies where men have dominated. Women have found that it’s easier to move around the glass ceiling rather than trying to break through it. The aim of this research proposal is to validate whether the glass ceiling still occurs in the 21st century. If so, have women made strives to shrink the gap?

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Wilson, S. A. (2013). A Research Proposal: Does the Glass Ceiling show signs of breaking in the 21st Century? Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI.

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