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With the development of travel industry in America and influx Chinese international students in the U.S., more Chinese international students tend to have different attitudes towards travelling in the United States. This research study drew a random sample (N=50) of males (n=25) and females (n=25) who were administered a student perception questionnaires. Measures were obtained on Chinese international students' attitudes toward online travel agencies in the U.S., and the “new mode” of travelling. Eighty-five percent of the participants were Chinese students in Johnson and Wales University-Providence, RI, U.S.A. Fifteen percent of the participants were Chinese students in other universities in America. The results of the survey questionnaire indicate that 60 percent (30% strongly agree and 30% agree) of the sample prefer to use online travel agencies to guide their trip. Thirty-four percent of sample would try a “self-drive” tour to travel in America. Results indicate that most Chinese students in the U.S. would like to try both the new mode of travelling and the traditional way of travelling- following the tour group (which has shown decline by young tourists). At the same time, travel agency managers should consider personal safety and price factors to conduct their business since these two factors account for 44% and 34% of the sample respectively…as the top two most important factors for Chinese international students.

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Xin, W., and Lin, Y. (2012). Chinese international students’ attitudes towards online travel agencies in the U.S.A. Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI.



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