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Study abroad is one of the most exciting and challenging experiences someone could engage in their higher education. Some of the benefits of study abroad include the potential of learning a foreign language, increasing knowledge of different cultures, developing communication skills, all of which could help students widen their career paths. Especially as today’s 21st Century, global economics is interdependent with business, finance and trade. Therefore, it is more and more urgent for a university education to include more opportunities for students to gain their knowledge of global interdependencies and develop their cross-cultural competency, which eventually helps to explore their personal traits and build new paths to their career development. However, the value of study abroad has rarely been analyzed by its economic returns. The aim of this research proposal is to ascertain through survey methods if there is a statistically significant relationship between the value of study abroad and its actual economic return.

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Xu, X. (2013). A research proposal: The level of economic return of study abroad impact on career development. Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI.

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