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Research Paper


This is a research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MBA degree course: HOSP6800.


This paper is a strategy executing research project of Red Lion Hotels Corporation. The research content includes the nature of the business, environmental analysis, strategy position within the industry, competitive advantage, strategic history, evaluate strategy and a conclusion. The company grew from a focused differentiation strategy to a broad differentiation diversification. Examining the business environment analysis, the external environment has a moderately strong impact on the company and the internal environment has a moderately weak position. The inferior position is a disadvantage to the Red Lion Hotel Corporation's growth. In addition, compared the company with Choice International Hotels, Inc and Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., it reveals the Red Lion Hotels does not possess any distinctive competencies among the lodging industry. It will hinder the company's future development I will suggest the company keeps adopting organic growth strategy in the entertainment segment and focusing on franchising strategy in the hotel segment. It will reduce the fisk of expansion and consider the acquisition strategy as a long term strategy when the market is 5arurated and the economy condition is getting recovered (Red Lion Hotels Corporation, 20] Oa).

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Shao, Y. (2011). Red lion hotel corporation. Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI.



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