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A paper Submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the MBA Degree. Course Name: Business Information & Decision-Making. Professor: Martin W. Sivula, Ph.D. Course Number: RSCH 5500.


In recent years, the e-book has become more and more popular among college students, and it is much easier to be installed and set up in electronic equipment, such as laptop, Kindle, or IPad. A random sample (N=80) of undergraduate (n=25) and graduate (n=55) students not only use the e-book to read in class and library, but also at public places and at home. Of the respondents, 46% have a part-time job, 32% have a full-time job, and 22% are not employed. Fifty-five percent of the sample was male and 45% were female. The results of the survey questionnaire indicate that 55% sample claimed to spend hours on learning every week by using electronic tools, especially reading articles. Twenty-eight percent of the participants would take their electronic equipment to class instead of traditional textbooks; and 17% of them own at least two pieces of electronic equipment. Although most students rely on traditional paper print books, the population of college students applying e-book in their study life is increasing rapidly because many more “smart” and inexpensive electronic equipment (hardware) are displayed in markets in which an e-book can be installed. As everyone knows, textbooks in the United States are very expensive to be afforded by all college students. Consequently, the e-book offers a far less expensive alternative than paper print books.

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Chen, Ya-Ling, Fan, S., He, Z. (2012). Exploratory research: The effects of electronic books on college students. Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI.



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