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Research Paper


Submitted for course RSCH5500, Professor Martin Sivula, Ph.D.


The purpose of this proposal is to identify the various financial struggles the United States Postal Service is currently facing. The interpretation of the related literature reveals some of the issues which the Postal Service is currently facing. Through the analysis of articles addressing the present and past volumes of mail and the recent usage of postal facilities it is evident that there is still a need for the USPS to survive. This proposal examines the current actions taken to save the United States Postal Service from their financial turmoil and also presents the results of past actions. It is evident that more serious action needs to be taken along with help from Congress in order to address the numerous issues. Proposed are the assessment of attitudes and needs towards the USPS from households, small and large businesses, and postal employees themselves, while also assessing the current level of service that is required from the USPS. The various researches identify the continuous downward spiral in which the United States Postal Service has fallen. The Method section provides potential data collection and analysis procedures for the assessment.

Citation/Publisher Attribution

Ayers, V. E. (2012). A research proposal: How can the United States Postal Service respond and recover from a decade of decline? Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI.



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