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Objectives: The purpose of the current study was to a) estimate prevalence of pornography use and addiction in Rhode Island young adults; b) identify sociodemographic disparities; and c) determine if use and addiction was associated with mental illness. Methods: Data from n=1022 participants of the Rhode Island Young Adult Survey were used. Pornography use and addiction were assessed. Sociodemographic variables included age, social status, sex, gender, sexual orientation and race/ethnicity. Depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation were also measured. Results: 54% indicated pornography use; 6.2% met the criteria for addiction. Odds of pornography use were 5 times higher (95%CI=3.18,7.71), and addiction 13.4 times higher (95%CI=5.71,31.4) among heterosexual cis-males. Pornography addiction was associated with increased odds of depression (OR=1.92, 95%CI=1.04,3.49) and suicide ideation (OR=2.34, 95%CI=1.24,4.43). Conclusions: Pornography use is highly prevalent, and addiction may be associated with mental illness. New screenings, media literacy training, and developing new therapeutic interventions should be considered.

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Jonathan Noel, PhD, MPH

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BS - Health Science



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