Andrea Wheeler, Nathan LaBossiere, Alyssa Dias, Jeremy Kalebota

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This capstone project is a culmination of everything students have learned since their first day at Johnson & Wales. Knowledge from each lab and culinary academic course was used to come up with a restaurant concept and execute fine services to friends, family, and industry leaders. With this, Ophelia was created, a restaurant experience based on astrology. A group of friends on a mission to give the consumer a dining experience unlike anything they have seen before. Attractive to multiple target markets, our restaurant has two distinct sides of the dining room. First, a sophisticated but welcoming tasting menu experience. Courses are based off of the zodiac signs, each course serving as a representation of that sign. For example, Taurus is represented by a Bison Tartare. The bison tartare is paired with a gribiche foam and a nut tuile, giving the dish earthy tones while maintaining rich and vibrant flavors. On the other side of the restaurant, there is a full function bar with a bar menu. In the restaurant industry, drinks are one of the most profitable items you can sell. The bar menu includes a variety of “out of this world” cocktails and drinks and gives friend groups the opportunity to go out and experience a laid back atmosphere without the formality. In addition to the drink menu, the exclusive bar menu that gives a fun take on classic bar foods like the crescent moon fried mozzarella. Overall, Ophelia changes the way fine-dining is viewed, giving a wide range to our target consumers and the success they bring.

Faculty Mentor

Chef Rizwan Ahmed

Academic Discipline

BS - Culinary Arts


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