Gabriella Hernandez, Aliya Neptune, Ana Gomes

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The study predicts outcomes that may occur utilizing sexually and gender minorities (SGM) as the independent variable and dependent variables like age, income, experiencing foster care and/or homelessness, and race as predictors. We hypothesized that SGM youth who were in the foster care system had higher odds of experiencing homelessness as adults. The sample population was recruited on SGM subreddit groups and among those that responded, 1330 participants, 1316 was the actual analyzed participants. After conducting chi2 tests with adjusted odds ratio (AOR), our data reflected a positive correlation between SGM youths that were in foster care and SGM adults that experienced homelessness. Another statistically significant comparison that derived from the data was that sexual minorities assigned female at birth (smafab) had almost 3x higher odds of being homeless compared to gender minority assigned male at birth (gmamab). More research is needed to compare different variables with SGM population to better understand outcome predictors.

Faculty Mentor

Jonathan Mosko, PhD, MSEd

Academic Discipline

BS - Psychology



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