Zacharie Curry

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The Yellow Farmhouse Education Center is a multi-faceted non-profit organization attempting to address the issues of food insecurity, food waste, and food system education. These issues are affecting the food system on multiple levels and have tremendous environmental implications. Stony Acres Farm attempts to solve these problems by administering numerous programs year-round with a seasonal focus on nearly every activity. This project examines work in the gardens, class preparations, and the general functions and organization of Stony Acres Farm. While they do a great job of creeping away from mission rot, the inevitably competitive private and public grant market is highly saturated, often making it difficult to secure funding. The lack of solid culinary training and wider reach of affected agents continues to be a driving force in bettering their overall efficiency.

Faculty Mentor

Rollie Wessen, EdD

Academic Discipline

BS - Food and Beverage Entrepreneurship



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