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Wayfinding and environmental graphics are very important in today’s world. These graphics use color, icons, typography, and additional design elements to help people navigate through a space. The objective of this project was to create a set of wayfinding signs that would be utilized in the John J. Bowen Center of Science and Innovation, at Johnson & Wales University. The wayfinding throughout the building was and is very limited. Students would get lost, or needed help to locate the bathroom, copy rooms, and even classrooms. During the design process, it was important to keep in mind that many people enter from several entrances in the building. There would need to be signage on multiple levels for the 4 floors and entrances. Additionally, there are 3 stairwells within the building, each starting on a different floor, necessitating signage to adapt to a given floor. Each floor has a designated color, yellow, orange, or red, which were also included in the design. The architecture of the building is very geometric, from the windows to the ceilings and walls. The designs refer to this with very angled and simple, but effective elements. This new signage is large and readable from any height, and will accommodate the various individuals that use the space, especially those with impairments.

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Karyn Jimenez-Elliot, MFA

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BS - Graphic Design, Print Production

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Engineering Commons



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