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This project was a collaborative opportunity between our design team and a team from the culinary program, Growing For The Menu. Our teams worked together to establish a vision and aesthetic surrounding the dishes served at their pop-up event. The culinary team supplied three delicious dishes all within the theme of The Three Sisters. This theme was derived from the longstanding farming method of planting different veggies that can seamlessly grow together in harmony. The three vegetables featured in this instance were beans, corn, and squash. Aesthetically, we decided to opt for a more autumnal, rustic feel as it was in line with the season. When establishing a logo and branding, we stuck to warmer browns, reds, and oranges, taking inspiration from the changing leaves. The logo featured a hand-drawn illustration of the featured vegetables surrounded by leaves. The typography was integral for ensuring an authentically rustic feel for the brand. Opting for a serif font added to the warm, fall feel of the overall aesthetic. Along with the logo and branding, the design team also supplied a digital flyer, informational cards, table cards, and a large-scale menu with a custom engraved stand. All of the deliverables kept a consistent color palette, font treatment, and graphic usage to ensure all elements worked together seamlessly. The main feature, the custom menu sign, was hand-cut, stained, and laser engraved using a pattern derived from the logo. In the end, all elements provided by both teams worked seamlessly together to create a memorable and tasty dining experience!

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Deana Marzocchi, MS

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BS - Graphic Design

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Engineering Commons



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