Rakesh Hanumanthaiah

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This study aimed to investigate and assess the present and potential effects of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on the world economy. The incorporation of AI in many businesses and its effects on those industries are both covered. The digital revolution has changed how we live our lives, and as a result, the hospitality sector has been impacted. Intelligent technologies are widely used in many facets of contemporary life. The paper's objective was to examine and assess the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the hospitality sector. Research reveals that in-person customer care, chatbots and messaging apps, machine learning-powered business intelligence tools, virtual reality and augmented reality, and virtual reality are the key deployments. The study examines how prospective clients could influence the hotel industry's decision to implement particular AI technologies. These findings should be used to debate how the hotel business may be encouraged to implement particular AI techniques. AI systems have the potential to advance greatly in the near future. They provide results that, in certain situations, vastly outperform human efforts with extreme preciseness. They do not, however, fully mimic human intellect. The best ways for people and computers to collaborate need to be understood, along with the strengths and limitations of this unique form of intelligence. Even though the rate of development is quick and AI methods like machine learning are not new, the business and accounting industries have not yet widely used AI. In order to facilitate the implementation of AI, industry must attain a thorough grasp of the problems, the practical difficulties, and the abilities needed to engage with intelligent systems in order to create a positive image of the future.

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Paul Bagdan, PhD, CHE

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MBA - Hospitality Concentration

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Business Commons


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