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The objective of this handcrafted design project was to design and construct an accordion book and a cohesive package that could contain the book. The book needed to have a cover, back cover and eight pages with content that incorporated design elements and principles, as well as a historical design influence and typography/hand lettering. Key aspects from the Design Theory and Practice course were revisited, such as research, inspiration, design process, elements and principles, typography, prototyping, and refinement. To build this project, collage techniques learned in the beginning of the semester were used. In-depth research on each of the rockets’ designs was necessary to ensure the pages were designed in the correct context of this timeline and placed in order from oldest to newest. Various materials were used, including paper for the pages, printed images, and lightweight metal for a graphic representation of the James Webb space telescope on the cover. Additionally, 3D printer supplies were gathered and explored to create the hard, plastic packaging for the book. The packaging takes on the form of a rocket fairing that splits into two halves and holds the book in the center, like a payload that is being launched into space. This project provided the opportunity to use the creative process to examine space exploration in a new and original way, while learning application of the elements and principles of design to a creative project.

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Gail McCarthy, MBA

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BS - Product Design

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