Lisa Benson

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Dementia is a leading cause of disability and dependency worldwide and expected to increase in the next few decades. Robotic Pet Intervention (RPI) is an emerging, non-pharmacological intervention incorporating robotic animals, with promising implications for people with dementia. This capstone project examined the impacts of robotic pet interventions (RPI) on occupational performance outcomes of adults with dementia living in long-term care facilities. For the capstone project, customized group and individual therapy interventions incorporating robotic cats were developed and implemented for local memory care residents. For the capstone experience, educational materials were presented and provided for facility stakeholders, including care staff and families of residents. The ultimate aim of this project is to provide a template for future occupational therapists to effectively implement this emerging, unique treatment for people with dementia, and to provide an impetus for future research.

Faculty Mentor

Shannon Strate, OTD, OTR/L

Academic Discipline

OTD - Occupational Therapy Doctorate



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