Kaitlin Dobson

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The focus of this research is on the powerful impact positive psychology interventions can have on college students that may be struggling with maladaptive thoughts or mental health concerns. Specifically, college students have experienced a large increase in mental health diagnoses, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Positive psychology is one of the newest fields within the world of psychology, which focuses on enhancing well-being through an individual's existing strengths. The relationship between mental health and positive psychology interventions will be supported by several recently published and peer-reviewed journal articles that embody the characteristics of positive psychology. For this research, the interventions focus on gratitude and envisioning an individual's best possible self. Future implications will be reported as well on how these can be useful within a college environment for students.

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Yesim Giresunlu, PhD

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MS - Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Life Sciences Commons



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