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Home sweet home! The purpose of this project was to conceptualize a brand, design graphic elements and templates within the Adobe suite, and to hand-construct packaging for four kitchen products. This included a hand-pulled chopper, produce spray, dish scrubber, and utensil set. The main objective was to target a market that appreciated high-end, quality kitchen products with a sense of luxury. This entailed a clean, professional, and minimalistic approach. The process began with logo development, which was inspired by researching other brands, such as Burberry or Zara, and examining the design elements used in their marketing. To separate personal aesthetics from the minimalistic imagery desired for this brand, a neutral color palette was used, with simple line and shape work, and typesetting. The name originated from personal experience and give an affluent feeling and recognizable name. Soon the copy came to adopt a tagline of “designed for you”, bringing the customer and the brand closer to establish a relationship. To set the products apart from others on the shelf, cellophane was used to allow customers to view the items within the package. After a testing several prototypes, templates, designs, five final packages were created, including two boxes, a label, a card, and a bag.

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Karyn Jimenez-Elliot, MFA

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BS - Graphic Design

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Engineering Commons



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