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The primary objective of this project was to design a hanger tab style box for a small product and a brand. The product of choice was aviator-style sunglasses, which are often used by individuals with an interest in travel or fashion, and those who live in an area that is prone to a large amount of sunlight. Deliverables for this project included: a mood board, thumbnail and refined sketches for branding and templates, a digital, flat, blank vector template using Adobe Illustrator, a final, fully designed digital template, and a final physical prototype. The measurements, shape, and design of the blank template were established with the size of the sunglasses in mind, to ensure the box would not be too large or too small. Once final measurements were tested and finalized, the graphic elements were then planned and placed. Photos were strategically taken by placing the sunglasses on a smoothly sloped white chair by a window with natural light. City buildings were reflected in the lenses to give an added sense of exploration and adventure. This final result was sunglass packaging in a commercial design style that features high contrast and bright colors, while encouraging exploration.

Faculty Mentor

Karyn Jimenez-Elliot, MFA

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BS - Graphic Design

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Engineering Commons



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