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Tetris is a puzzle game that was developed by Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. It has been remastered in many different ways over the past 39 years, which led students to develop their own version on a custom-built handheld retro gaming system.This work was a collaboration between three senior electronics engineering students as a team. One student focused on the Tetris software development, the second worked on data storage management, and the third worked on graphics development and a 3D printed enclosure. This work was a one year/two semester project. Each team member worked on weekly tasks to contribute towards the project. One team member was responsible to integrate all data during software development. Over the course of two semesters the students worked on their individual assignments and then combined their results to build one final project utilizing a bottom-up approach. First, the team created a complete list of hardware and software requirements were created based on the mainstream retro gaming system. Second, the team identified essential hardware and software requirements that could be implemented. Third, the team designed and implemented all essential hardware and software requirements. Finally, the team continuously tested, debugged, and fixed the system. The final result of the project is a complete self-contained custom handheld retro gaming system designed by the senior engineering students with a playable Tetris game. The design implementation, enclosure, and graphics were original designs by the students.

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Wai Yung, MS

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BS - Electronics Engineering

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Engineering Commons



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