Rachel Wang

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With the development and popularity of mobile-phone apps and games, matching games, like Jewel and Candy Crush, have become increasingly popular over the years. This research design project challenged students to design and implement a Candy Crush-style game using minimal resources, with only a microcontroller and Windows as a visual aid, no smartphone or tablet allowed. This work was an individual design project for electronics engineering students in a Microcontrollers class, with an applied “divide and conquer” approach. Students first identified all hardware and software requirements before identifying which could be implemented. They then designed and implemented all essential hardware and software requirements on a weekly or biweekly basis. Finally, the system was continually tested, debugged, and fixed until a working final product was achieved. The final result of the project is a complete playable Candy Crush-style game.

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Wai Yung, MS

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BS - Electronics Engineering

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Engineering Commons



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